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We respect privacy, but don't like lawsuits, so our TOS is broad because of that. Sorry. In reality, we do only minimal analytics server side.

We collect some data about people visiting on the websites, but don't share the data that we collect to 3rd parties automatically.

However, 3rd parties might still gain access to your data, by for example working as a proxy in-between you and the website (an example of this is Cloudflare).

We use cookies for various reasons, which include but are not limited to login sessions.

We may log your requests to our servers.

By accessing our websites and/or other services, you automatically accept our terms of service.

Some of our services might have their own terms of service, and by using them you automatically accept the terms of service of the service that you're using.

Terms of service

'Our', 'Us', 'We' and similar words in meaning in this document refer to, any subdomains, and/or the entities responsible for making of the services (excluding 3rd parties, such as hosting companies for example).

'You' and words with a similar meaning in this document refer to the entity accessing these services; Usually, but not always, this means an individual person who is accessing the websites hosted by us.

Our services operate under the laws of international seas. You aren't allowed to use our services if it'd restrict our freedoms, for example because your country would enforce laws on our operations.

We reserve the right to change these terms of service at any time for any reason.

No guarantees

These services are provided to you without any guarantees of anything.

By continuing to interact with our services, you agree that we aren't liable for your interactions with our services.

Internet basics

We use the https protocol (RFC 2818) to serve you content.

We don't have the means to stop responding valid http or https requests based on if you've accepted the terms of service or not, thus we take connecting as consent for processing of necessary data to provide a response to your request.

We may also filter request to provide security to our servers and thus also providing further security to user data.

Thus we may log your IP address, time of connection and various other information about your connection to be able to filter some requests, and to detect malicious usage.

An example of this is blocking an IP after too many failed login attempts to a service within a certain period of time.

We also may send your browser JavaScript to be executed. If you don't accept running JavaScript on your machine, you may turn javascript off in your browser's settings.


In order to provide some features of our services, we may use cookies.

You can view the cookies in your browser and you can disable them too if you don't want cookies to be used.

However, some features might require cookies in order to work.

Different services use cookies for different purposes, but some general examples include providing the user a way to store settings, or to provide a session to enable logins.

Tracking & Analytics

We may track your usage of our services in various ways

The tracking is done in order to prevent abuse of our services and help developers of our services improve them further.

We promise to not to share the data to third parties in an automated manner.

3rd Parties

We don't take any accountability for what 3rd parties do.

If our pages contain embeds or resources from the 3rd party's service, those are subject to that 3rd party's terms of services and privacy policy

Loading content, like an iframe, from a third party is considered as visiting that third party. Thusly we aren't responsible for their logging, content, etcetera.

Below you can find some 3rd parties that we may use, and links to their legal pages (we don't guarantee that the links are up to date, please determine that yourself).


We may also use third parties not listed above. You should check where your browser is connecting to, and search their terms of service and privacy policies.


All of the contents on our services are by default copyrighted by us.

However, we may provide license files or links for certain content. 3rd party content might also have a different copyright notice.

Usually (but not always) things such as fonts aren't owned by us, and have their own licenses. In such cases, there are references in the service to find the license for the content that we do not own.

Any of our copyrighted content should not be used without permission from us. A public license file is considered permission for the things that it applies to.

Any other references to licenses (such as a copyright notice in a package.json file for example) will also be take as a reference to a license file.

We also may host content from other people, in which cases they may retain their copyright on their content.

Privacy policy

We don't automatically share any data that we collect with 3rd parties

We collect server logs and we may keep them indefinitely, though usually they are cleared about monthly.

Our servers are hosted within the EU, and we do not automatically send your personal data to outside of the EU.

3rd parties might collect your data without us giving it to them though, so you need to read their privacy policies and terms of services if you're concerned with the 3rd parties in question.

If you need more information or have some legal right that you want to exercise, send an email to:

[email protected]